Walton WCT2404X
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Walton WCT2404X

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Key Fetaures

Screen-Size - 24 inch
Display-Resolution - 1366 x 768

Full Spec

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Brand New / 100% Genuine

Walton WCT2404X - The Elegant touch of colors

Now add a touch of color to your home with Walton WCT2404X LED television which gives you a perfect perception of color and provides iwth an opportunity to keep your style more realistic.

Stylish TV Stand

The Walton WCT2404X TV stand is the sign of strong architecture that provides a good hold and premium look. It is polished with metallic color that carries exquisite appearance to the Walton WCT2404X TV.

Vibrant colors for better images

Experience bright & sharp images in HD screen of WALTON COLOR LINE LED TV, which ensures accurate color from all viewing angles. Advanced Data Switching (ADS) technology has been used in the display which improves the quality of the image and uncovers hidden details. Now see colors as they were meant to be seen with wide viewing angle. Matrix Backlight technology can make the backlight brightness adjust automatically improving the image quality and reducing energy consumption for Walton WCT2404X TV.

Dolby Digital Surround System

Whether you watch in a compact downtown flat or spacious residential living room, we have options to complete your perfect home theater setup with Walton WCT2404X TV. The Dolby digital surround sound will fetch the best pleasure of any music or movie. The sounds of your music will be played with an amazing clarity.

Walton WCT2404X TV is budget friendly

Affordable price tag and 720p HD quality resolution can provide you ultimate entertainment. The Walton WCT2404X TV is suitable for any ordinary circumstances like small bedrooms, offices, kitchens, desktop monitor, small shops and many more.

Watch movies from your USB with Walton WCT2404X TV

Now simply plug your USB drive into the TV and instantaneously enjoy movies, photos or music. Now you can experience a wide cariety of content in the comfort of your living room on your Walton WCT2404X. It is perfect for family and social events, or simply sharing your memories with a friend.

Plenty of entertainment

With HDMI, USB and AV input port you have an abundant option for experiencing best picture, Hi-quality MP3 audio, Hi-Definition MP4 video, Running DVD player, PC input for use as a PC monitor via HDMI etc.

Secured from Thunder Shock

Walton Walton WCT2404X TV comes equipped with protection against unexpected lightening surge. It blocks capacitors that can absorb lightning strike that protects your Walton WCT2404X TV from any kind of thunder or lightening shocks.

We collect latest available prices for Walton WCT2404X within Bangladesh and provide the best possible deal to you. Our Walton WCT2404X is 100% original and brand new product. See Walton Television or Television price in Bangladesh.

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Walton WCT2404X Specifications
Screen-Size 24 inch 
Display-Resolution 1366 x 768 
Sound BG/ D/ K/ I 
Video PAL/ NTSC 
Speaker-Type Stereo, Surround sound 
Connectivity HDMI x 1
USB 2.0 x 2
AV input x 1
YPbPr IN x 1
RF IN x 1
PC IN x 1
PC Audio IN x 1
Head phone out x 1 
Power 110v - 240v 

What is the difference between LED & Smart TV?

1 Answer | Posted 2016-01-30

Both can be LED.But mostly with Smart TV, you can use Internet with Wifi connectivity. 
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Can you please tell me which brand is better between Sony and Samsung?

1 Answer | Posted 2016-01-30

Both brands are world renowned brands. So it is very difficult to say which brand is better. Basically it is a matter of individual preference.
100 people said it's helpful. Do you? Yes

The prices I found on your site for TV are much cheaper than the price I found in the market?

1 Answer | Posted 2016-01-30

First of all the Televisions are genuine & purely brand new. Many people feels by looking at the price it might be fake or second hand. But it is actually not. We collected prices from multiple shops who are selling genuine brand new product so we are able to offer you with the best prices.
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