Remax RPP-17 5000mAh
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Remax RPP 17 5000mAh

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Key Fetaures

Capacity - 5000mAh
Battery-type - Power Bank
Weight - 0.13 kg

Full Spec


৳ 1550   - 20%


Inside Dhaka 1 - 3 days.

Outside 2 - 8 days.

Cash on delivery is available.

5 days free return
with conditions.


Black colors are available.


Brand New / 100% Genuine

Remax RPP 17 5000mAh

RPP-17 power bank is equipped with 5000 mAh Li-Polimer battery. Input is 5V DV 1.0A, output is 5V DC 1.5A. This power bank is compatible with most of smartphones, iPhone, iPad, digital camera, GPS and other electronic devices.

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Remax RPP 17 5000mAh Specifications
Capacity 5000mAh 
Battery-type Power Bank 
Weight 0.13 kg 
Other-Features Aluminum Material
USB socket
Input 1.0A Output 1.5A 
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