LG 43LF510T 43
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LG 43LF510T 43

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Key Fetaures

Screen-Size - 43 Inch
Display-Resolution - 1920 x 1080

Full Spec



Inside Dhaka 1 - 3 days.

Outside 2 - 8 days.

Cash on delivery is available.

5 days free return
with conditions.


5 year service warranty without parts (DE)


Black colors are available.


Brand New / 100% Genuine

LG 43LF510T 43 Specifications
Screen-Size 43 Inch 
Display-Resolution 1920 x 1080 
Sound Virtual Surround Sound 
Video Motion Eco Sensor 
Games Yes 
Other-Features Smart Energy Saving
Triple XD Engine 

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What is the difference between LED & Smart TV?

1 Answer | Posted 2016-01-30

Both can be LED.But mostly with Smart TV, you can use Internet with Wifi connectivity. 
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The prices I found on your site for TV are much cheaper than the price I found in the market?

1 Answer | Posted 2016-01-30

First of all the Televisions are genuine & purely brand new. Many people feels by looking at the price it might be fake or second hand. But it is actually not. We collected prices from multiple shops who are selling genuine brand new product so we are able to offer you with the best prices.
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Can you please tell me which brand is better between Sony and Samsung?

1 Answer | Posted 2016-01-30

Both brands are world renowned brands. So it is very difficult to say which brand is better. Basically it is a matter of individual preference.
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