Samsung J5500 40
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Samsung J5500 40

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Key Fetaures

Screen-Size - 40 Inch
Display-Resolution - 1920 x 1080

Full Spec


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Brand New / 100% Genuine

Samsung J5500 available in Bnalgadesh!

Your gateway to the all-new, smarter TV experience is right at the bottom of the screen, so you never lose sight of your current entertainment. The fun-to-use Smart TV menu bar gives you faster, smoother and truly intuitive access to all the content you love with Samsung J5500. There’s no need to fumble around searching for the content you want—it remembers your history, placing your most frequently used content right before your eyes on the menu bar so it’s easier than ever to find your favorite content. You can even explore exciting new kinds of content, because Samsung J5500 continuously recommends new featured content that you may enjoy. Discover the most seamless Smart TV experience yet.

Instantly switch back and play right from where you left off with Samsung J5500

What’s the point of having all those apps and features on a smart TV if they are hard to use? With Samsung J5500, switching between various kinds of content is now as easy as changing your TV channel. Instantly and seamlessly switch to live TV while watching a video online, and the other way around. And when you return to your video, Samsung J5500 remembers your activity and picks up and plays your video from right where you left off. It’s time to enjoy a truly smart home entertainment experience.

Experience life-enriching apps on your Samsung J5500

Content is everything, and Samsung J5500 Smart TV has you fully covered. Enjoy tons of amazing apps and surf the web to your heart’s content in the most seamless, intuitive way possible. Simply swipe left or right to view customized app recommendations, new featured apps and more, all at a glance. It even has an improved web browser app that gives you quick access to popular websites in your region all with a single click of a button, and without having to type in the URL.

Content that suits your lifestyle

Samsung J5500 Smart TVs are designed to give you what you really want and match your lifestyle, with smart apps that make life at home more fun and full of great experiences. Chefs will love the food app, while sports fans will cheer the dynamic new sport app. It also has a fitness app for those who want to stay in shape, an art education app that’s great for kids, and a next-level gaming app that gamers will rave about, with a wide range of titles to choose from and easy pairing with your mobile or wearable as a controller. This is just the beginning of the amazing customized contents and services you can expect.

Powerful Quad Core processor for faster performance

Thanks to a powerful Quad Core processor, your Samsung J5500 Smart TV offers enhanced performance. You’ll notice the difference straight away, with faster multitasking and switching between content and web browsing, as well as smoother interaction. With this extra power, your entertainment experience will be so much more enjoyable, with less waiting and more viewing.

Bringing a full multimedia experience into your living room

With High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs, the Samsung TV will transform your living room into a multimedia entertainment center. HDMI provides high-speed transmission of high definition digital data from multiple devices straight into your TV.

Access the Internet without wires

With Wireless LAN Built-in, streamline your TV’s connectivity capabilities without adding more external devices and maintain its attractive design.

We collect latest available prices for Samsung J5500 40 within Bangladesh and provide the best possible deal to you. Our Samsung J5500 40 is 100% original and brand new product. See Samsung Television or Television price in Bangladesh.

Better entertainment gadget

This model can retain the same picture quality in both dark and bright rooms. Ultra thin bezel makes this model stylish enough to fit in any living or drawing room. Sound quality also carry a satisfactory mark

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posted by Ferdous Jannatul   2015-09-17 22:52:53

Samsung J5500 40 Specifications
Screen-Size 40 Inch 
Screen-Type Full HD LED TV 
Display-Resolution 1920 x 1080 
3D-Converter Unknown 
3D-Sound Unknown 
Speaker-Type Down Firing + Base Reflex (2CH) 
Auto-Volume-Leveling Unknown 
Connectivity USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi 
Web-Features Yes 
Games Yes 
Auto-Channel-Search Yes 
TV-Apps Smart TV with Apps, S-Recommendation and Full Web Browser 
Other-Features Unknown 

What is the difference between LED & Smart TV?

1 Answer | Posted 2016-01-30

Both can be LED.But mostly with Smart TV, you can use Internet with Wifi connectivity. 
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Can you please tell me which brand is better between Sony and Samsung?

1 Answer | Posted 2016-01-30

Both brands are world renowned brands. So it is very difficult to say which brand is better. Basically it is a matter of individual preference.
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The prices I found on your site for TV are much cheaper than the price I found in the market?

1 Answer | Posted 2016-01-30

First of all the Televisions are genuine & purely brand new. Many people feels by looking at the price it might be fake or second hand. But it is actually not. We collected prices from multiple shops who are selling genuine brand new product so we are able to offer you with the best prices.
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